Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have so many dinner meals that I have photographed but never posted - in the evening the light is dim, and my cozy bulbs make everything seem yellow in a photo. So I happily take sunny pictures of my lunch. Lunch is an underrated meal, though, I think. So perhaps it deserves this attention!

So today, panini. We love panini. For Christmas one year a gift was a tabletop grill which I thought I would never use. But then we made a panini, and we haven't turned back.

Panini are good with just about any toppings - avocado, bell peppers, sun dried tomato, pesto, cheeses, salami, pancetta, shredded carrots, olive tapenade, sprouts... My 5 year old loves aged Irish cheddar on his - my 3 year old loves natural peanut butter and raw honey. ALL so good. I love using fresh baked sprouted bread and our fresh butter - it makes such a nice crust! And it only takes a few minutes to make.

And for the boys, that XX pattern on the outside is the best.

Oh, and please, don't use margarine - be sure to use real butter!

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