Wednesday, March 12, 2008

honey custard.

I love finding good egg recipes both savory and sweet, and this honey custard is delicious. Today the boys helped me make it, and it is so quick and easy - and the results is melt in your mouth creamy and sweet.

honey custard::

5 eggs
1/2 c honey
2 c fresh milk
1 tsp finely ground sea salt
ground cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

Beat together all ingredients thoroughly in a casserole dish (I used square cake pan) - sprinkle cinnamon/nutmeg over the top. Place the dish in a larger cake pan filled with water. Bake at 350ºF for about 45 minutes or until it is set and firm.

We drizzled a tiny bit of fresh maple syrup over the top of our warm custard before eating. Mmmm. And extra bonus - the eggs, honey and milk I used are all local!

ingredient tip::
See how golden our custard is? The eggs we get are super fresh and local from healthy hens and the yolks are so fat and orange they look like the sun. Eggs from free range hens actually are healthier than factory farmed eggs not to mention they just taste better!


Kat said...

Aww, now I'm really missing my dairy.
Do you think it'd be possible to substitute the milk for hemp milk or rice milk, or even coconut milk?

Or do you think it wouldn't 'gel' right?

denise said...

Hi! :)

You know, I was thinking about making a pan using coconut milk. I cook with it all the time and have used it for other things and I think it would work - and with that number of eggs it should set fine.

I haven't cooked much with hemp or rice milk, I have used those mostly for coffee or cereal, etc.

If you try it let me know how it turns out - I'll probably try another batch next week some time too. :)

Lisa Anne said...

This looks very yummy. My greatest achievement in life right now is eating food mostly from our farm, I will make this from eggs from our chickens, our honey, and milk from Elsie from this morning. I complain a lot about all the work I have to here on the farm, but it is truly an amazing way to live, eating with in a 200 yard radius.

Saskia said...

I love custard, I'll have to try this, we get fresh milk and eggs here in town (so lucky for us!)

Cadi said...

gosh, this looks (and sounds) sooooo yummy. my boys would love it!