Monday, March 17, 2008

Eggs, eggs.

We dyed our first batch of eggs today! Our eggs are from a local farm, so are already beautiful shades of brown, blue/green, white and beige. But we added some more rich color by hard boiling them with some natural dyes. We hard boiled them in a pot with onion skins, paprika, and ground espresso beans. After they cooled, we drew on designs using oil pastels before dipping them into one more color wash. We love the deep, rich, earth colors that emerged.We plan to make a batch using red cabbage and beet juice this week as well. Fun!


Will & Kate said...

Does boiling them in things like espresso beans leave any hint of coffee flavor when you eat them?

denise said...

Yesterday we boiled ours in onion skins (4), lots of paprika (1/4c?) and espresso (1/4c?) - which had a strong smell while boiling - but it left no taste or smell behind whatsoever! Just a mild color.