Wednesday, February 6, 2008


My 4 year old is a picky eater. Always has been. Has to do with scent and texture. He is super sensitive. So when he started eating samples of the stinkiest, most aged cheese when at Whole Foods or the farmer's market, well, we weren't about to let that one go!

Each time we visit somewhere with good cheeses he samples, smells, tastes, and compares. We let him taste and select the best cheese for us. A few times he has conversed with the cheese person at the shop - asking if they have an aged cheddar or something to sample. Anyone who is so gracious as to talk seriously and kindly to a 4 year old about cheeses while cutting him samples of whatever he wants to try is OK in my book. In the end, it is his choice, and we get it and try it. An extra bonus is that there are many excellent local cheeses - well, that and he has good taste in cheese!

Here are two of his favorites this week:

Edelweiss Raw Milk Cheddar & Gouda (WI) - Raw milk from grass fed cattle cheeses.


LisaZ said...

It sounds like you have a little gourmand...(is that the right word?) Good for you for encouraging his tastes!

My son and daughter are very similar--very sensitive to smell, texture, etc. I guess my DH and I are too, come to think of it. I was a very picky eater and now consider myself a "super taster". Did you hear the story about "super tasters" on NPR? It was a while back, and I remember thinking, "that's me!".

I don't know if my son would eat the stinky cheeses or not, but he's pretty adventurous. In fact, we were just talking to him this morning about making a great chef becuase of his great nose. He wouldn't eat the oatmeal I made for him, which I had soaked in buttermilk overnight as Sally Fallon says to do, because it smelled funny. Very perceptive! I'm hoping he'll try it soon, though because it does taste great.

Queen Mommy said...

I just found your blog while searching for sprouted grain bread recipes and had to comment on this post. My oldest daughter (8) is very much like this. She is extremely picky and sensitive to smells. (*I* still cannot even bring myself to try sauerkraut because it smells so nasty, so on one hand, I can understand where she is coming from. I also know--the hard way--that at some point she's going to get tired of being so picky.) Yet, she will try and enjoy all kinds of really strong cheeses! Goat cheese is a big favorite around here....spread on baguettes and topped with a little pesto.

Thankfully, my twins are NOT picky eaters. Well, sometimes they pretend to be (which I think they get from their sister), but mostly they'll eat anything.