Wednesday, November 5, 2008

winter garden.

While we have been busy in the kitchen we have also been out in the garden. I love yard work (yeah, I love shoveling too!). I will admit that we have a LOT of clean up after growing food plants rather than ornamental bushes, but it is worth it. The glorious weather has helped make the garden clean up even nicer. We are pulling, clipping, raking, and planting. We prepped and planted garlic and shallots. I love planting even as the cold comes. Speaking of planting...

This year we are planning to try to grow certain herbs and greens inside to see how much we can stay local for veggies even throughout the winter. Our pantry and freezer is packed with everything we preserved from farms and our garden all summer, but we still wanted fresh greens. With a sprouter we have a lot of variety throughout the winter for salads as well as bread, but we wanted more! So lets give it a shot and see how far we can go.

We plan to do a few succession plantings as we figure out what works best (or doesn't work). Our first planting::

-mustard greens
-salad bowl lettuce (cut and come again)
-swiss chard
and by special request we will try
-window box roma tomato

To winter greens!

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painter girl said...

You are so inspiring! I planted cabbage and broccoli and lettuce. The deer ate the cabbage and broccoli but left the lettuce. It is still coming in. But as for the rest of the greenery you are growing I am so impressed. I wish you good harvest when it comes time and hope your plants thrive!