Thursday, October 30, 2008

CSA Box This Week

Today in our CSA box...we haven't gotten much squash at all this year in our boxes. Winter squash is one of my favorite things, and I always look forward to it. Today we got only 1 small acorn squash and a mini butternut squash - not a good year for squash, it seems. I traded the mini butternut squash in our box for more brussel sprouts. The wonder of our garden is that we fill in the gaps of our CSA, can get quantity of our favorite items, and so even growing only 1 vine we already have a decent number of butternut squash stored away for this fall and winter!

In our box this week:: lettuce mix, arugula, beauty heart radish, leek, carrots, brussel sprouts, green cabbage, acorn squash, cilantro.

In our box this week last year.


so NOT cool said...

This is the last week, right?!

Good-bye, CSA. I can't wait until next year!

Jess said...

just a question I've been pondering - how do you store the squash for the winter without it going bad?

latisha said...

hey denise! we got so much squashy-type veggies this year. so interested how different things are, but we did get 4, yes 4 heads of cabbage. i wanted to try making sauerkraut and wondered if you've ever tried. do you have a recipe or a post about this somewhere i can steal?! ;)

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denise said...

latisha - Sorry I'm slow to respond. With halloween and a sick boy i got behind! You probably figured out what to do with your cabbage already - but yes, I make sauerkraut. It is super easy and very is a good recipe:

denise said...

Jess-I have read many different 'techniques', but I store our squash in the basement against a NW facing wall. I have a wood open slat shelving unit up against the concrete (unfinished basement). It is cool and not too humid down there. I don't wash or wet the squash before storing...just keep it in a cool dark spot. It usually lasts a few months, depending on the type of squash!