Thursday, November 6, 2008

The final CSA Box!

Today was it! The final CSA pickup of the season. We usually also do a late November storage share, but did not this year and are instead relying on our garden and a few local farmers for our final stocking up and some regular pickups throughout the winter!

In our box this week: sorrel, brusselini, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, celeriac, squash, onions, turnips (purple top & hakuri).

In our box this week last year.


so NOT cool said...

Do I see roasted root veggies in your future?

Actually, I think that I might have some myself. Right now.

Good-bye, CSA!!

Lisa Anne said...

Exactly what we are eating these days, but I am trying so hard to keep some brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving. It really seems like we had a lot more this time last year, but we got kind of burnt out these last few weeks. Our potatoes were a flop, not enough rain.

Jenny said...

Delicious! I love sorrel.