Wednesday, October 15, 2008

in the kitchen...mid-october.

After a weekend trip in Minneapolis, we are back to preserving everything we can at the end of the year. I think our garden is in the final stretch - although we are still happily picking the last bits of things like beans and raspberries and swiss chard. We will still get radishes, turnips, chives and leeks a bit longer, but everything else is being cleared out.

We pulled all the tomatoes and brought in everything that was still green - it is all in tubs to ripen in the sun through the window. We are also continuing to make applesauce and dried apples. We have been baking pie pumpkins to make pumpkin bread and soup--and tomorrow we will can a big batch of apple pumpkin butter (recipe coming soon!). Yum.

Tomorrow on our way home from our CSA pickup we will be stopping at a few farm stands to load the car up with winter squash and root vegetables so we can store them. Can't wait!

What is happening in your kitchen this week?


Bethgem said...

Can you make green tomato pickles, or relish? I've never had enough green tomatoes to try anything like that, but I wish I did.

I was inspired by your roasted pumpkin recipe, though I ended up doing my second batch a little differently.

Anyway, I'm enjoying your blog.

denise said...


Yes, you can make both pickled green tomatoes and relish. I plan to can some this weekend!

We love roasted pumpkin - we have baked 2 batches so far (12 pumpkins) to use in savory recipes as well as bread/sweets. :) So good!