Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home made ricotta.

Today we made ricotta, using fresh local milk. It was pretty easy to make, and the flavor is so rich compared to store-bought!

We finished the ricotta with celtic sea salt and fresh thyme from the garden. We tried some on crostini which was so creamy and rich - yum. Tomorrow I plan to make something for dinner using it...perhaps stuffed zucchini or italian peppers from the garden!

We found the recipe in the latest issue of Saveur Magazine - click here for the recipe...

ingredient tip::
The recipe called for animal rennet, but we used organic vegan rennet (just because that is what we had on hand) which worked great!


Dawn said...

Thank you for posting this!

Lisa Anne said...

Oh Yum! We made this a lot this winter from all our fresh milk. She found eating homemade sourdough bread with ricotta and drizzled with honey (ours) was the closest thing to heaven on earth. Such gifts you are giving your boys by connecting them with their food and kitchen.