Thursday, August 28, 2008

CSA Box This Week

It is Thursday again, which means a drive out to the farm to pick up our CSA box. We are at peak right now, so have so much summer in one box, it seems. We also take the rural route home (well, they are all rural, but the most direct is 11 miles and all farm roads) so that we can stop at our favorite farms along the way and see what they have out on their farm stand tables.

Our first stop was new for us - we saw a sign for organic heirloom produce and had to stop. As we looked at the amazing and ripe selection of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and squash, the farmer and his son walked down to greet us. This is one of my favorite things about on-farm farm stands and rural Wisconsin. The farmer introduced himself, shook hands, asked our names, and chatted a bit. I always know what is coming next and I enjoy the banter - "Where you folks from?". We give a major crossroads, we get the acknowledgement that we do indeed live close by and are locals. We talk about what we are going to make with what we are buying and what should be ready by next week. We wave goodbye, and you bet that farmer remembers our names when we return. Each time we stop at a farm stand it is the same. It is like we are participating in a ritual that has been going on as long as there have been cars to widen the circle, and bring more people from towns to the farms.

Our next stop was to pick up a few dozen ears of sweet corn - pulled from a wheelbarrow in the barn, put the money in the box. This bounty of summer fills our car and I love the calm of washing and bagging and prepping each thing when we get home. I know I will think of these days when I am pulling jars from the basement or bags from the freezer in January as the snow blows outside!

Our CSA box this week: broccoli, brusselini, onions, peppers, tomatoes, 2 types of lettuce, basil, fennel, green beans, cabbage.

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