Thursday, July 31, 2008

From the garden.

In addition to our weekly CSA share, we have been getting more and more from our tiny garden. We are fermenting sauerkraut, just made lacto-fermented cucumbers as well as traditional vinegar based pickles, and are drying excess herbs as we go.

For the past week I have not been able to get out much but to water due to a back problem, but the garden keeps growing whether you are ready or not! So today I stretched my back for a bit first, dressed heavy for bugs, and headed out!

I picked bugs, pulled weeds, watered, and picked as I went. I picked: beans, swiss chard, parsley, beets, carrots, dill, cucumbers, a few small tomatoes, and a lot of herbs. Looking at everything I can see that the cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and peppers are almost ready to explode, and the pumpkins and butternut squash are out of control - growing all the way down to the alley! I planted some onions, spinach and radishes in the spots I pulled beets so we can have some more veggies this fall. I think I am going to make some beet greens soup!


Lisa Anne said...

mmm, nothing tastes better than the food you have grown and nurtured yourself. It is such a satisfying feeling. I know about the garden growing whether you are there or not!

Canary said...

I wish I had a garden too! I would have grown the best fruit and vegetables :)

Barbara said...

I'd love some tips on lacto-fermenting last attempt was a total failure (used the recipe from Nourishing Traditions) and I'm reluctant to risk my precious seasonal or homegrown produce again!

denise said...

Barbara - Hi! I use that recipe for lacto-fermented cukes too. What happened that made it a failure, do you think? I have made batches using only sea salt and also with the fresh whey. You can email me (scorch_dc at yahoo dot com). :)