Friday, July 11, 2008

CSA Box This Week

It seems like each week we pick up our CSA box this year, there is a big storm. I know in WI this summer we are having (too) many big storms, but Thursday seems to be we go as early as we can to beat what we see coming in on the radar.

This week in our box: strawberries, garlic scapes, cauliflower, kale, beets, snow peas, snap peas, onions, & cucumber.

I'm excited to get peas and beets - yay!

(Here is what we had last year in the same week...).

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so NOT cool said...

Almost every time that it rains in the last five weeks, because it is SO intense and cumulative, I have winced. A drenching shower is nice, but everywhere I go ... flooded fields, overflowing creeks, bad roads. (It's causing major problems with my car!!) What a heavy winter, spring, and now, summer. Yowza.