Saturday, July 19, 2008

CSA Box This Week

This week in our box: beets, kale, onions, cucumbers, kohlrabi, yellow & green beans, and a few currants and gooseberries.

(Here is what we had last year in the same week...).

A small box again this week - hopefully things will start catching up after the crazy spring and we will have a more bountiful late summer and fall with our CSA! It is a good thing that we have expanded our home garden this summer. We have been getting a full share for many years now and it has always been a good amount to last two adults about the whole week. Last fall was a bit smaller with all of the flooding and then this spring was just over the top and seems to really have affected many farms. With the reduced produce, a full share is not enough for two adults for a week (not to mention 2 kids), so we have really needed the extra produce from our garden to supplement our share. It is motivating me to plan an even larger garden next summer, and perhaps get some sort of season extender (cold frames, lean-to greenhouse) to supplement!


Lisa Anne said...

I am so sorry for the farms in your area. That is such a tiny bit of produce for your family! We can easily use that much produce in one dinner. I am so happy to hear about your season extension plans, we used our cold frames this year to grow some greens for ourselves.

denise said...

Lisa Anne - yes, we basically go through the entire weekly CSA box in just 2 dinners each week. Makess it pretty expensive. I hope things improve. So much crazy weather. If it continues like this we will ALL need much bigger home gardens!

We have so little space but there is a square flat area against the house that I think would be good for cold frames or a lean-to mini greenhouse. Seems like we could do so much with it!! :)