Saturday, February 2, 2008

counter top projects.

Over the past year, things have been building up. One bowl here, one jar here. What am I talking about? Kitchen experiments and projects. And I'm not talking about the kid kind, although my boys usually participate in whatever is happening in our house.

So, tonight, what is on my counter?

--Coffee Grounds. Always saved for the garden.

--Spelt. Soaking to make bread.

--Sprouts. Grains sprouting to go with the spelt for bread.

--Apple Cider Vinegar. Started out as pressed cider, and after fermenting on my counter for 3 months, it is apple cider vinegar. About ready to strain it!

On most days you can find something - egg shells (to crunch up to go in potted plants), rising dough, oatmeal soaking for the next morning...and while my kitchen is usually clean, there is always something going on!


LisaZ said...

For some reason, these photos don't show up today. I'd love to see all your countertop stuff! It would remind me of my own counters...And I love to know I'm not alone with all my concoctions.

I hope to make cider vinegar and sprouted bread myself. We also do the egg shells (a little Waldorf preschool thing), coffee grounds, etc.

So fun! Lisa

denise said...

Lisa-Thanks for letting me know about the images. How bizarre-they showed up when I first posted. I re-posted them all now...Thanks! :)