Thursday, August 11, 2011

csa box:: week 8

csa week 8. I can't believe we are in mid-August!

::in the box:: onions, a variety of tomatoes, slicing cucumber, pickling cucumbers, brocolli, two types of summer squash, sweet corn, chard, fresh garlic, chives and a pepper (I skipped the hot pepper after blowing my husbands face off with a spicy dish last week 8-}).

::extras:: beets, carrots, dill

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I love CSA day - coming home to sort, clean, load up the dehydrator, fill the oven, blanch and bag...and then making dinner from whatever I still have in the fridge to make room for the new. It feels good to see so much right there (I usually bring in the garden goodies too, to get it all done at once). Oh, think of how much we will enjoy it in January! I have a LOT of cucumbers - I need to get cranking on some more pickles.

What is in season where you live?

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