Wednesday, August 18, 2010

red raspberry time.

They are here! While just beginning to ripen, I see a lot of red raspberries in our future. Jams, jellies, frozen...

I love how easy raspberries are to grow, how little space you really need for a decent return, and how delicious they are picked right from your own back yard. Yum.


Lo said...

There is NOTHING like a fresh raspberry plucked from the garden. I wish we had bushes of our own, but I have to rely on what I can find at the market or get from friends & family. *jealous*

Heather said...

Your raspberries looks delicious. I miss our raspberries in our old garden but, happily, we've found wild raspberries up here where we are living now and they are bursting with intense flavour.

denise said...

Heather - YES!! Wild raspberries are so delicious. They grow quite abundantly around here too - even around our neighborhood. Y um!

Lo - I have been surprised at how much we get from really small spaces. We are lucky to be in WI though...awesome farmer's markets and U-Picks! :)

Rodney said...

I Think I will eat healthier today just seeing your site! Very fresh I like it!

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Thank You,
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