Monday, May 25, 2009

back into the groove.

It is time! I didn't forget about this blog...I've just been stewing away some new ideas and projects for the upcoming year, as well as planning and planting all of our food gardens. With a family community garden plot, our home garden, and a CSA share, we have a whole season ahead of us of gardening, cooking, preserving, drying, canning and freezing. We had our first radishes this weekend, and are into our second round of greens. It is under way!

I plan to get back into the groove with as the garden is growing. I will be posting as we get rolling here, and will be updating the look and links as well. Looking forward to a long season!


Lisa Anne said...

Can't wait!! Things are really rolling here too!

Joy said...

Yay! I'm glad you're coming back. I've missed this blog. :)

STEPHANIE. said...

yay! I am looking forward to seeing some great summer food goodness on here. :)

Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen said...

Beautiful shot! The colors are amazing!

Jess said...

Yay! I was wondering where you'd gone . . . those radishes look great!

Bud said...


Nice post. those radishes look well, ravishing, LOL.

Did you plant garlic? I have been growing it for the past few years because my brother in law eats it raw -- as a supplement to his diet -- to boost his immune system. The guy never gets sick, but often has to sleep on the couch, as per my sister's orders. LOL

I'm trying to convince him to use garlic tincture, a liquid supplement, that lowers blood pressure and high cholesterol -- and also doesn't smell so bad.

If you and your readers want to find out about this, there's an excellent article posted on the nutrition website, called "Garlic Tincture Can Cut Risk of Heart Diseases by 50 Per Cent."

Ck it out. Hope this helps your readers!

- Bud