Wednesday, December 3, 2008

what we do for good food.

Today we drove out in this. Willingly. What for? To pick up meat, vegetables, eggs and more. No, not at the store. We continue to buy direct from farmers as much as we can - even throughout the winter.

So what did we get today? We had two stops to pick up peppers, sunchokes, parsnips, eggs, meat, and more (the photo below is our portion, we also picked up for a few other families too).

Even in December, we still buy meat, dairy, cheese, eggs, vegetables, wheat, honey - the list goes on - from farmers. People we know. I tell you - in the middle of a snowstorm a giant bag of vibrant colored and amazing smelling peppers is an awesome sight.

No, we don't put a lot of miles on doing it this way either. When we buy things I try to buy as much as I can at a time, try to include other families to get as much as possible in one trip, pickup from more than just one place per run, and set regular pickups for more regular things and do big quarterly pickups for the rest. There is so much that is close to home!

The boys are used to it all - they love the rides in the country, seeing friends at the door with coolers as we trade pickup days, visiting farms, and chatting with some of their favorite people along the way. And they love unloading the car when we get back - egg pickup day means maybe we can bake cookies! And G must ooh and ahh over the egg colors each time and sort and re-sort by color and size until he gets it just right.

And speaking of eggs - my friend and egg/chicken/duck lady extraordinaire loaned me her shop vac and all is well in the oven again (thank you!!!). I have been working on some recipes for baked goods using all whole wheat flour - I have a lot of catching up to do!


Kitty Mommy said...

Glad to hear the oven is back!!!

Leigh said...

I love that last photo with the eggs -- the various shades are so pretty.

Lisa Anne said...

What beautiful produce!! We are heavy on the squash and root vegetables lately and I'm dreaming of harvesting all the greens in the green house for a huge dish of greens, what I eat almost on a daily basis in the summer. We didn't do nearly enough to prepare our winter garden...we were so tired by the time to do much.

painter girl said...

The veges are so bright and cheerful against all that snow. And your son is so cute sorting the colored eggs. Glad you got your oven back. Good luck with the new recipes.

honeypehorse said...

Good for you! Not just buying organic and local stuff to benefit your own family but also thinking about the big environmental picture. Everything looks so yummy!