Friday, September 5, 2008

CSA Box This Week

In our box this week: 2 types of lettuce, peppers, fennel, eggplant, cabbage, tomatoes.

What was in our box this week last year.


Lisa Anne said...

"Thou shalt not covet other farmer's peppers." I am a little jealous of those peppers, ours are doing terrible this year because of the very cool nights we have had all summer, eggplant too!

Barbara said...

Diane, I really enjoy seeing your CSA box, in part because of the differences with our own. I'm in NC, and this is the first season that I've taken much note of the differences in the rhythms of the growing season in the South and North--we spend nearly a month in upstate NY in the summer, and this year really brought it to my attention. Like, we are also in full-on pepper, tomato, eggplant season here (though the tomatoes are slowing down a little), but there are certainly no cabbages--it's way too hot. But of course our growing season is also a lot longer, so the cabbages will come in another month or so.

denise said...

lisa anne - the peppers in our garden have been really small too - just those in the pots against the house are a tad bigger. Those from our CSA are all grown in hoophouses, so they have an extra boost!

barbara - I bet there is a bit of a difference in seasons/produce. That is one of the reasons I like to post the box each see what is seasonal here, compare it to last year, and see what everyone else is growing in different parts of the country or world. so interesting!