Wednesday, November 21, 2007

irish coffee

It is the night before Thanksgiving, I have a brine in the works for our local heritage turkey, fresh herb bread just out of the oven, the eggs came fresh from a local farm just an hour ago for pumpkin pie and quiche...but I am going to post a recipe for...................Irish Coffee.

Today is the first snow, my husband is off of work, and we are not working this weekend - so a little warmth and comfort while we cook and prep for our holiday is a must.

How to make it:

Brew a fresh pot of fair trade organic coffee (yum). In mugs, measure 1 Tsp of brown sugar and 1 shot of good whiskey. Stir to dissolve sugar. Ladle fresh cream over the top (we used super fresh skimmed from our milk), using a spoon to diffuse. If you like, squirt/spoon fresh organic whipped cream to top it off...

I know, I used Scotch Whiskey when the recipe is for Irish Coffee and I'm about as Irish as they come. But as long as it is a GOOOOOOOOD rich peaty whiskey, you are set! Yum.

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