Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Loaf.

Our first try with the hand crank grain mill? A success. The boys LOVE to crank. The bread was rich and moist and light and textured and nutty and amazing.

I was not familiar with the type of mill my husband selected - and wasn't sure how fine the grind would be. But you can just set it to the finest setting and run it through twice and it is perfect for bread. The rolling mill is also for making cereal/flakes from whole grains, so there are many other uses I am interested in trying.

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daniel said...

I was wondering what kind of mill you are using, and if the same mill will do rolling grains into flakes or grinding into flour. There are so many mills out there and it is confusing to find one.
After seeing your blog I am aiming to get my own mill and bread maker and join the fun.
~ Daniel