Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We try to make most meals from scratch. With the boys we do have organic frozen waffles, crackers, popcorn, etc. in our pantry, but for grown up meals we are about 90% homemade. The other 10% is our Friday night pizza night for the boys, and something else here and there when we are out.

With work and little people and everything going on, many moms ask how I can cook that much. In the summer we steam veggies from our garden or CSA and combine that with something (rice, pasta, bread, greens, etc.) to make a meal. In the winter, I tend to make a big pot of something, and we eat it for a few days..

I like to combine a few basics with whatever we have in season/in our pantry. Once you know what tastes good together, you can easily just chop and saute a bunch of items, toss into the slow cooker with some stock and soaked beans or grains, and let it go...in a few hours you have a great meal.

A few staples (organic when possible) I try to keep available to integrate into recipes for their health benefits or versatility:

-coconut milk
-sesame oil
-sea salt
-good stock or bone broth
-frozen herbs from last summers garden
-dry grains/beans (soak or cook before putting in crock)
-good quality unfiltered apple cider vinegar
-milk & butter from grass fed cows

More info on many of the ingredients can be found in this great book. Recipes coming soon!

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Sally said...

what a great little post! The NT way is a lot to take in, but like you have told me before, you just take it in steps. Thanks for the boost and the yummy pic!