Thursday, September 8, 2011

csa box:: week 12

This blog was acting up a bit, saying posts were published when they were not, so after messing around with the widgets, I am happy to say it is publishing again. I'm now playing catch up!

We have entered the time of year when we still have more tomatoes in the box than anything else, so I am caught up fully in the kitchen and dipping into the storage for meals. I can't wait to move on past tomatoes and get into the fall goodies!

week 12!
in the box (above) :: a variety of tomatoes including cherry, slicing and paste, onion, brussel sprout greens (my rabbit loved these), carrots, cabbage, cilantro and peppers

extras:: carrots, beets, cilantro, dill

And this week marked the opening of apple season. We don't pick this early usually, but we do visit the orchard which we pass on our way home from the CSA each week to try different varieties and see what our favorites are. We probably still have a few weeks before our favorite applesauce apples are ready, but we are trying new types of general eating apples, and this week we picked up an heirloom crabapple (whitney) - and made a batch of crab apple compote. Yum! We usually select apples for many specific uses - juicing, eating fresh, baking, sauces, drying, and then shelf life for storage! We also get freshly pressed cider all fall, to make boiled cider, sauces, and of course for drinking and freezing.

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What is in your box/in season where you live?

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